article and preposition practice set for competitive exams.

article and preposition practice set for competitive exams.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and preposition .

1 . I do not like to entertain guests ______ lunch time .

a) at  b) of c) on d) from

2 . The artist takes pride ______his work .               

a) on b) at c) from d) in 

3.She is very different b__ her sister .

a) on b) from c) to d) of

4.I have not had a litter from my mother ____christmas.

a)on b)at c)in d)of

5.Why do you insist ______going back.

a)in b)of c)into d)on

6.We should all aim ______excellence.                                               

  a)at b)in c)of d)on

7.He does not agree ______you.

a)to b)on c)with d)from

8.The servant was accused________stealing the ring.

a)in b)of c)on d)from

9.Soma is anxious _____hear from her son.                              

   a)at b)to c)with d)for                                                                                               

Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word given in the bold.


a)reverie b)fancy c)futuristic d)soft


 a)loyal b)genuine c)programatic d)benevolent


a)attractive b)spiritual c)glamour d)lucrative


a)necessary b)conditional c)evident d)probable


a) effect b) effete c) lessons d) views    

15.Sustain –                                                                                                       

    a) proceed b) Careful c) slow d) continue    

16.Review –                                                                       

 a) enhance b) perchance c) boost d) enliven

17.Documents are kept in –             

a) archives b) wardrobe c) pantry d) museum 

18.The baby of a sheep is called –

a) fry b) colt c) lamb d) kid    

19.The sound of a hound is called —

a) croak b) bay c) neigh d) grunt    

20.He is as cunning as a –                                                                                   

a) cow b) dog c) fox d) rat                           

      Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition  

21.Everyman craves ___ recognition.

a) at b) for c) about d) on

22.We knew him at a glance as soon as he came _____ sight .

a) about b) of c) at d) in

23.He was too conscious ___ his position and was blind to his faults .       

a) of b) about c) for d) over

24.I complimented him _____his success in the examination .

a) at b) on c)about d) for 

25.Suitable steps are taken to bring ___ the cost of living.

a) up b) over c)on d)down

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