General English collective noun , preposition ,one word substitute for competitive exams

General English Collective Noun , Preposition ,One Word Substitute For Competitive Exams

Fill in the blanks.

1 . A swarm of ________.                                                                       

a)birds b)fish c)bats d)bees.

2. A collection of sheep/birds is called________.                                     

a)flock b)gang c)regiment d)swarm

3. A ________ of musicians.                                                                       

a)band b)hive c)heap d)range

4. A _________ of stones/ruins.                                                             

a)posse b)horde c)heap d)set

5. A _________ of keys.                                                                                 

a)gang b)shoal c)bunch d)series

6. A ________ of arrows.                                                                             

a)quiver b)shoal c)series d)bunch

7. A bench of _________ .                                                                       

a)pilgrims b)soldiers c)judges d)police

8. A range of _________.                                                                 

a)mountains b)sheep c)events d)chickens

9. A brood of __________.                                                                         

a)sheep b)bees c)cattle d)chickens.                                                                    

One word substitute. 

10. Having power over all:                                                                 

a)omnipotent b)misogynist c)miser d)novice

11. One who lives on others.                                                                       

a)egoist b)novice c)spend thrift d) parasite

12. One who is after money –                                                                           

  a) cynic b) turncoat c) mercenary d) novice

13. Fit to be eaten –                                                                                   

a) edible b) to emphasize c) misogynist d) omnipotent

14. Hater of women –                                                                                     

a) egoist b) omnipotent c) turncoat d)misogynist

15. One who eats too much –                                                                       

a) to emphasize b) glutton c) novice d) orthodox                                                    

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition

16. Wash your hands _____ water .                                                                     

a) to b) under c) by d) with  

17. Rambabu decided to set ___ sometime everyday for prayers .         

a) up b) on c) aside d) in

18. His house is adjacent ___ mine .                                                   

a)  to b) in c) by d) with

19. The widow was anxious _____ the safety of her children .             

a) of b) about c) for d) from

20. In the morning , I hardly get the time _____ glance ____ the newspaper headlines.                          

a) for,an b) to,an c) to,at d) to,through

21. Ray thought that his parents were not happy ____ him .                       

a) with b) for c) on d) in

22. The TV. Report said that he has been missing ____ 48 hours .             

a) since b) for c) after d) about

23. The economist said that there is no exception ___ this rule.             

a) with b) from c) to d)on

24. Nobody should boast ____his learning.                                                 

 a)for b)of c)with d)by

25. The boss was annoyed _______ him for being late.                     

a)with b)for c)to d)by

Article And Preposition Practice Set For Competitive Exams

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